Are you a Minnesota homeowner who is thinking about having solar panels installed on your roof?  As Americans become more and more aware (and vocal) about the need to address reliance on fossil fuels and other power sources that are affecting our ecosystems and our global climate, rooftop solar panels are appearing on homes across the nation. And that's true here in the Twin Cities as well.  If you're considering adding solar to your home, we suggest you consider having a metal roof installed at the same time. Did you know that in some communities proposals are being put forth to require homes to have solar panels to generate electricity?  In fact, California's legislature passed a mandate earlier this year requiring all new homes constructed beginning in 2020 to have solar panels.  Washington state seems to be moving in that direction, too.  And in many states, buyers pay a premium for homes with solar panels already installed. - up to 6% more.  We expect that Minnesota will follow along with this trend. In fact, we're seeing panels on a number of homes in our area. Yes, having solar panels installed on your home is a significant investment. If the idea of having your roof replaced at the same time makes you pause, consider this:
The useful life of an average rooftop solar array is about 25 years. (Energy production begins to drop after about 20 years, but you can expect those panels to continue functioning for awhile after that.)  Asphalt roofs in our area tend to last about 12 years. What that means is you will need to replace your roof approximately twice during the life of your solar equipment.  So that means having the solar installer make four trips: twice to remove it, twice to reinstall it. And you'll be paying for that each time. So add that in to your original solar installation cost.
What is the expected remaining life of your existing roof?  Unless you currently have a roof that's been replaced recently, you might be facing a removal/reinstallation of your solar panels in the near future. So it must makes good financial sense to have a new roof installed in conjunction with your solar installation project. But what kind of roof is the best base for solar panels?  We believe nothing is better than a metal roof for rooftop solar panels.  The expected life cycle of a metal roof is at least 40 years, some as much as 70 or more. So your solar panels will fail long before your metal roof will.

Before you talk to a solar panel installer, talk to us first.  We work in conjunction with some solar companies to be able to coordinate both installations for the maximum efficiency and savings.  We'd love to talk with you about the other benefits of metal roofing, as well. And our in-home consultations and quotes are always free, and with no obligation.

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