Yes, we've posted numerous articles about how to choose a contractor to remodel your home here in the Minneapolis area - as well as how to avoid the not-so-good ones.  But it's been awhile, so we're sharing this information again, because Twin Cities homeowners keep having bad experiences. As a company that prides itself on satisfying our customers and making sure the job gets done right, we get concerned whenever we see those bad reports or Better Business Bureau reports, because it reflects on our entire industry. Any remodeling, maintenance, or improvement work on your home needs to be done by someone who understands the process and who can ensure that it is done correctly. This means finding a contractor that is responsible, professional, has the necessary experience and tools needed to complete the job.

Tips: Before You Hire a Minnesota Home Remodeling Contractor

Before you hire anyone to do work on your home, you have to consider many factors. This can be anything from how comfortable you feel with a particular contractor to trusted recommendations. Here are some tips to working with the best roofing or other Minnesota home improvement contractor in your area.
  • Meet and speak with them in person. Never enter into a contract over the phone or by email. You want to find out where their office is, if they provide guarantees, and if they have experience in the type of work you're planning on having done.
  • Find out more about their license, insurance, and other policies, as you want to protect yourself and your home and know you’re hiring a professional with the required credentials.
  • Expect a detailed written contract that sets for specifics on the work to be done and payment terms.  A deposit is normally required, but you shouldn't have to pay a substantial portion up front.  Beware of any contractor who requires a large amount before any work gets done.
  • Ask about permits. Certain types of remodeling work require a permit, and you'll want to make sure the contractor (and not you) takes care of this.
  • Read reviews and testimonials on them before you go to see them. You want to have an idea of what others thought of them and their work.
  • Ask to see pictures of previous work that they did, so you know more about what they can do.
  • Request a list of references you can contact, and please do!  In fact, it's a good idea to go see at least one completed project.

Your home is a huge investment, and when it comes time to remodel it, find the best professional for the job. For high-quality exterior remodeling here in the Minneapolis area, peak with us today to find out more about the services we can provide. We're licensed and insured, and we have a long list of completed metal roofing and siding projects you're welcome to check out.