The winter months can be long, cold, and hard here in the Twin Cities.  Of course, with that harsh weather you want to protect everyone living inside the home.  The right siding plays a big part in that. But chances are, even if your siding needs to be replaced, you hadn't even considered having it done this season. But did you know that winter might just be the best time to get new siding installed?  You know the cold weather is far from over, so why not schedule your siding replacement now and make your home more comfortable and secure for the months ahead.  Maybe you've seen our siding installation video with our crew working in short sleeve shirts, but they also can install our great seamless steel siding in the winter!

Why You Should Replace Your Minnesota Siding in Winter

Replacing Siding During the Winter Is Convenient

It's great idea to replace your siding during the winter if you want to have it done sooner rather than later. At this time of year our schedule is more flexible, and our siding crews are not as busy as they will be once the weather warms up. You can probably get your project going far more quickly than you would at other times during the year, although we do our best to accommodate our customers' time frames no matter what the calendar says.

Your Landscaping Won’t be Harmed

Since it is winter, the landscaping around a home is much less vulnerable to damage.  Things are frozen and snow-covered. Your lawn is protected by that blanket of snow so it's not really an issue with our crews and equipment working around your home.  Chances are your shrubs and plants around your foundation are either dormant or have died back.  No matter what the season, we do our best to protect people's landscaping, but it's much easier when everything is frozen.

Little to No Upkeep

If you've got older, damaged siding, it probably needs some attention, even during the cold weather.  But with new siding, you don't have to think about that!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Now, this is a benefit that applies year round, not just in winter.  But it's one more reason to stop putting off that siding replacement project.  Steel siding is considered a very eco-friendly, premium siding material, and homes with this siding are very attractive to potential buyers.  You might not be thinking about that right now because you have no intention of selling your home in the near future, but it is a point you should consider whenever you're undertaking any type of home remodeling or improvement.  Ask yourself: Will this add to the value of my home, and will it be a good investment?  With our seamless steel siding, the answer is a resounding YES!

Not in the market for steel siding?  We install other materials as well.  We can suggest different siding options that can be installed in winter.  You can feel good about having a change on the outside of the home, even if it is the winter month. Why not have us come out and talk to you about what new siding can do for your home this winter and in the months to come!