If you're at all familiar with our roofing company, you probably know our main service is installation of metal roofing for homes. But we have a number of other exterior remodeling services, and that includes commercial roofing as well.  We have done a number of commercial projects throughout the Twin Cities area. And though there are some differences between residential and commercial roofing, there are many similarities.  After all, the main function of a roof is to protect the building underneath it, regardless of what type of structure it is.

If you are dealing with commercial roofing, then you know that just like a homeowner, issues with a roof can come about every now and again. Or maybe you haven't dealt with needing a roof repair yet. If you’re wondering what issues you have to keep your eye out for, then keep these in mind.  All of these roofing issues are common to find on commercial roofs in the Minneapolis area. When you catch them sooner, rather than later, you are better able to have them fixed so nothing worse happens to your building.

  • Lack of maintenance on the roof – this is the most common problem that is encountered on a commercial roof
  • Poor installation of the roof itself
  • Blown off materials from the roof due to the weather
  • Damaged flashing and pitch pans that are on the roof
  • Punctures in the materials of the roof
  • Standing water that does more damage, or water that causes ice dams to form
  • Improper roofing materials that are placed on the roof
  • Shrinkage of the roof or the materials on the roof (this is mainly for membrane-type or sheet style commercial roofing)
Just like homeowners should do, commercial property owners should have their roofs inspected regularly. After all, the building that roof protects is a major investment. That roof should be doing the job it was designed to do. Contact us if you have any issues with your roof. We can inspect your roof and also provide repairs or replacement if needed.   We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor specializing in metal roofing - and yes, that works for commercial properties, too!