Since the new year and a new decade is upon us, it is one of the best times to speak about metal roofing for Minnesota homes and what is new with it. Becoming more and more popular with homeowners here in the Twin Cities as well as around the U.S., metal roofing is a great choice to go with for many reasons. However, depending on who you speak with regarding it, you might find that the answers differ from person to person.

So what's new?  Many think that a lot of things have changed in the world around metal roofing, but in truth, nothing has really changed at all with it. In most respects, it is the same it has been since its introduction.

Are There New Things in the Residential Metal Roofing Industry At All?

Yes, there have been recent developments in terms of finishes and colors.  And some companies have introduced some different styles/profiles, such as smooth panels that some homeowners are choosing for vertical wall application. There are many new colors and textures that can be added to a particular metal roofing material to make it stand out.

Is Everything Else Still the Same?

It is true that almost everything else, besides the look and finish, is pretty much the same. Metal roofing still lightweight, easy to install, protective, durable, long-lasting, and more.  The more you look into it, you'll find that this is one of the best roofing materials to put on a home here in the Midwest. In terms of how long it will last, there is no roofing material that quite compares.

As one of the oldest and best working roofing materials available, steel or the other metal roofing we install  it is the roofing material that is going to provide the best outcome for a homeowner. If you are thinking about redoing the roof on your home, make sure to consider metal roofing.

If it's time for a new roof over your head, we'd love to talk with you about metal roofing. We offer many options for you to choose from for the metal roofing to have placed on your home that not only looks great but also protects the home both inside and out. We can even install a metal roof during the cold winter months!