When the weather outside becomes bad, you might start to worry about how your roof is holding up.  However, those who have regular inspections shouldn’t have to worry about it. Homeowners here in the Twin Cities who have their roofs regularly inspected  know they have nothing to worry about. But here's a question we get asked frequently:  How often do I need to get my roof inspected? Periodic roof inspections are important to anyone, but for those who have homes in areas where the weather can be severe, it's even more important.  With our harsh Minnesota climate, it is important to know how often you should have this done. You want to make sure that you are doing it enough, know what is happening on the top of the home, and that you are prepared should weather hit. Recommended Time to Have Your Roof Checked or Inspected

The first thing you need to determine is if the warranty for your roof contains provisions requiring roof inspections.  Some roofing manufacturers have this requirement in order to keep the warranty in place.  So at the very minimum, you should have your roof inspected at least as often as the warranty requires.

But due to our weather, it might be a good idea to have it checked more often. Keep in mind that there are some differences between having a roofing contractor check the health of your roof versus providing an inspection.  A roof inspection usually involves you being provided with a written report.  If your roofer is just checking things over, you might get a verbal summary of its condition or an estimate for recommended repairs.

It is recommended that you have your roof checked twice a year. Usually, this is in fall and spring when the weather is nicer and more comfortable. It doesn't necessarily have to be a full inspection; just looking over known problem areas is often sufficient. 

It is also recommended that you make sure to have the roof looked over after a serious storm in your area, especially one that includes large hail or high winds.  This is just one of the many reasons to have your roof inspected. This is to ensure that you are not missing issues or repairs that need to be done as a result of the storm.  We definitely recommend you have your roof checked if any of your neighbors has suffered storm damage, because your home has been hit with the same weather conditions theirs was.

Finally, roof inspections should always be performed relative to selling or buying a house.  If you're the buyer, you should insist the seller provide you with a written roof inspection that's been done recently.Don't just rely on their disclosure as to the age and condition of the roof; get a professional's opinion in writing.

Should You Check Your Roof Yourself?

When it comes to checking out your roof, we don't recommend homeowners do this themselves. Not only is it dangerous, but you might miss something that a professional would notice while they are up there.  Now, you might observe things like flashing that's flapping in the breeze or missing shingles, but often signs of roof damage or deterioration are hard to spot, and you may not know the signs to look for. And some common problem areas are often structures that are not part of the roof itself but are vital to its function.

Most roofing contractors won't charge to give your roof a thorough going-over and make recommendations.

Give us a call today if you are in need of a roof inspection, or if you need to have any repairs. Don’t let small repairs turn into big issues - get them fixed right away.

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