Twin Cities home shows are great for homeowners dreaming of projects to remodel or improve their houses.  Although we've already been at the largest one of the season, held recently at US Bank Stadium, we will be at a number of home improvement shows around the Minneapolis area in the next couple of months, and we hope you're planning to come and see us at one of these events. (Click here for specifics on upcoming shows. The next one runs February 26-March 1.) Crowd at a home showYou will find a wealth of knowledge around every corner at these shows. Some - like the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show - feature hundreds of exhibits.  Others are more community-oriented, like the Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair in Southeast Minneapolis, are smaller and are often free.  (BTW, this show is one of our FAVORITES, and you'll find us there again this year.) With thousands of companies and individual speakers that attend these shows regularly, you can find that they have a lot to offer the homeowner that has questions and other concerns about their own home as well as projects they are considering.

To get the most out of one of these events, it helps to be prepared beforehand. Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind when attending a Twin Cities home show. You want to make the most of your trip there, and these tips should help.

Minnesota Home Show Tips:  Before You Go

Come Prepared: You want to be able to find your way around the venue and know who is going to be there. Grabbing a map and familiarizing yourself with the layout but also with the vendors who have signed up is always good.  This is especially true for the larger shows, because there will be far more exhibitors and presentations than you will be able to attend, so it's good to have a plan of who and what you want to see.

You can have questions, as well as a list of things you want to look at while you’re there. This makes things go much smoother and helps you choose which areas to stop and which to pass by.

Some larger shows have special presentations, speakers, or workshops.  Some have 'ask an expert' type booths.  Go to the website for the show and see what's available as well as the schedules.  Not all speakers will be there each day for shows on multiple dates.  Some may even be scheduled at the same time, so make a list of your priorities.

We also suggest:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes - you'll be on your feet a lot! 
  • You might want snacks; not all shows serve refreshments. Water bottles are also recommended.  Which brings up another topic - know ahead of time where the restrooms are!
  • Bring along a tote bag or a backpack to stash the brochures and other handouts you might collect.
  • If you have specific projects in mind, it may help to have photos of the space you want to remodel.
  Verify the License and Insurance: You can verify licenses and insurances while you are there, or even before you go. This is always a good thing to think about. You don’t want to hire anyone, or even waste your time talking with contractors who don't have the credentials, insurance, and experience needed.  You can even check out their website and company information ahead of time.  Most show websites have a listing of the exhibitors, often with links to their websites. Know Your Rights: Know the rights that you have as a consumer. When you hire a company to do any work for you on your home, make sure to know the rights that you have and always make sure to protect yourself.

Come and See Quarve at These Home Shows in February and March

We have been attending home shows each spring around the Twin Cities metro, and this year is no different. Here are some of the home shows you can catch us at! Feb 26 – March 1 – Minneapolis Home and Garden Show March 21 – Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair March 21 – Home Improvement and Design Expo March 28 – Home Improvement and Design Expo