If you're like many people we talk to, chances are you've got a wish list of things to do to your home.  Some might be in the nature of repairs while others might help the energy efficiency of your home. Still others could be things that make your home look extra special. The issue for most people isn't what they need to do to their homes but when to get it done.  If there's a project you're really wanting to get going, you may be looking at the calendar and hoping for nice weather.  Feeling impatient and wanting spring to come so you can start?  Figuring out the best time for a project is an important thing.  You want things to look and feel nice, but when is the best time actually?

The truth is, that even here in the Minneapolis area in the midst of subzero temps, there are still exterior home remodeling items that can get accomplished. But there are also things that should be put off until it's warmer.  You want to make sure that the work is done when it is best for the company who is handling the installation. Not only that but you also want to make sure that the company is able to do the work within a specific amount of time without worrying about the outside weather elements, which means certain types of work can be tough to get done in winter. (Our metal roofing and siding crews work all winter BTW.)

Optimal Times for Minneapolis Exterior Home Remodeling Projects

Ultimately, the best time to have any type of home remodeling done - whether it's interior or exterior - is when you and your contractor decide the time is right.  That being said, here are some general guidelines by season. Spring:  The spring months are the best months for any sort of home improvement project.  But keep in mind that most homeowners are thinking the same thing, so there may be some issues with getting on a contractor's schedule.  It's helpful if you can get the work scheduled far in advance. You most likely will have to be flexible with your time frame because you'll be competing with others for their services.

Types of home improvement projects that should be at the top of the list for spring are those that will get your house ready for spring storm season, such as roofing and gutters.  It's also a good time to get your windows replaced since the mild weather means your furnace and your air conditioning are most likely both off, so having your window openings exposed aren't an issue.  Keep in mind that spring rain storms mean you may have to jiggle your schedule around to get a sufficient stretch of dry weather. You won't want your roof to get torn off and then a thunderstorm hits.

Summer: Summer is a popular time to get things done to the outside of a home because of the warm, warm weather. However, this can be tricky with the severe storms that often blow through.  Extremely hot days make roofing work challenging.   In fact, the conventional wisdom with asphalt roofing is that it shouldn't be installed if the temperature is over 90° F.  (Some professional roofing sites even say installing asphalt shingles over 85° F can result in damage to the roofing.  You should also keep in mind that during the summer you'd probably rather focus on relaxing on your deck or patio, not having to avoid ladders and equipment.  But you might also find that having a project done while you and your family are away on vacation is ideal.   

These are the two busiest seasons for exterior home remodeling, but they aren't the only time of year you might think about having your work done.  In our upcoming post we'll talk about why you might want to consider the other two seasons of the year.

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