If you've been a regular subscriber to our blog, you've probably seen a number of our posts comparing asphalt and metal roofing.  But we recognize that some people get more out of watching an informational video as opposed to reading an article.  Today we're sharing a video from The Metal Roofing Channel, an interview with Todd Miller of Isaiah Industries.  Isaiah Industries is our main steel roofing supplier, and Todd has been an invaluable resource for us in terms of training, industry standards, installation support, and more. We trust this video will give you a little insight to the metal roofing industry and why we believe that metal roofing is a far superior choice for Minnesota homeowners than asphalt roofing. After you watch this video, if you still have questions, check out our Metal Roofing page.   Interested in finding out how a steel or other metal roof can provide exceptional protection and durable beauty for your home here in the Minneapolis area?  Contact us for a free in-home consultation with no obligation.


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