Thinking about tackling a home improvement project?  We find that homeowners here in the Twin Cities usually know what they want to get done, even though they still need to work out the details.  But what's often up in the air is when to do it.  Just when IS the best time of year to do home remodeling?  While there are times that particular projects aren't recommended (such as vinyl siding and asphalt roofing in the winter, or asphalt roofing when it's extremely hot), the truth is that most projects - even exterior remodeling - can be done most any time of the year, with certain adaptations.  In an earlier post we covered the pros and cons of spring and summer; in this article we'll talk specifics about fall and winter.

A siding crew on the jobMinneapolis Home Remodeling in Fall and Winter

Fall: Fall is a great time to refresh the outside of a home and get it ready for winter.  The considerations are much the same as for springtime work, but with one minor difference: your landscaping.  In the spring, you'll want to have your contractor be careful of emerging plants and growing grass.  In the fall it's not so much of an issue because things are dying back or going dormant.  Fall can be a great time to have home improvements done that will make your home more comfortable when the cold weather hits.

Home remodeling projects that cut  heat loss (such as energy-efficient replacement windows, storm doors, etc.) are good to get done in autumn.  Making sure your gutters are in good condition is also important, because gutters need to be functioning well even in the winter.  Gutters that can't handle melting snow run-off can lead to ice dam formation.  Getting roof repairs or roof replacement done in the fall will insure your roof is ready to handle another severe Minnesota winter.

If you've had issues with ice dam formation, this is the perfect season to have some work done that will prevent formation of those damaging ice ridges in the future.  Winter:  Although some types of exterior materials such as asphalt roofing and vinyl siding shouldn't be done when the weather drops below zero, the temperature doesn't affect metal roofing and siding.  Our seamless steel siding and metal roofing crews are on the job even in winter.  You might find it's a great time to get your project done because it's easier to schedule. Most homeowners don't even think about winter when it comes to exterior home remodeling, so you won't be competing with others for your contractor's calendar. Storm doors can be installed in any season, and even many replacement window projects can be done in winter as well.

Don't forget that regardless of when you decide when is the best time to get your project done is that you hire the best company for the job. Speak with our Minnesota exterior home improvement professionals today to find out how we can make sure to get that project done, regardless of what season it is. We work to provide you with the best results, any time of the year.