Metal roofing is one of the longest-lasting materials available on the market today. It has lots of advantages over other roofing such as asphalt shingles, and one of those benefits is low maintenance.  But that doesn't mean you can completely ignore it.  There are things homeowners can do to maintain its great performance and look. Take proper care of your metal roofing with these five tips:

Got a Metal Roof?  Here's How to Prolong Its Life & Beauty

Trim Bushes and Trees Back to Prevent Contact:  A shrub or tree limb that consistently scrapes a metal roof can damage the finish. To ensure that the shrubs and tree limbs do not reach your roof, trim back your shrubs and trees. Reduce Debris Buildup: Snow and rain can do a good job of rinsing away debris and leaves. However, there are roof configurations that’ll need more upkeep. Consider using a soft-bristled extendable window brush to easily sweep out valleys where wet leaves might accumulate and decompose.  By doing so, discoloration or darkening of the finish can be avoided. Clean Your GuttersL  Metal roofs are constructed to shed water and dry out easily. However, if your gutters are filled with dead leaves or gunk, water will sit in those gutters.  Then the edge of the metal roof will be unable to fully dry. Prevent corrosion by regularly cleaning out your gutters. Minimize Foot Traffic: While walking on a metal roof is required for installation, foot traffic should be kept at a minimum once your roof is in place. It is important to check the recommendations of the manufacturer prior to getting on the roof.  Even better - contact your roofing contractor. Avoid Paint Overspray:  This occurs more often than you would think. A careless painter might ruin a beautiful metal roof by over-spraying paint. To avoid this from happening, request your painter to use rollers and a brush.  (For certain types of projects where spray application is the best solution, insist that the painter mask off the entire section of the roof in the area the paint is being applied.  Paint application via spray should be avoided on windy days.)

Metal roofing comes with so many benefits - not only financially, but aesthetically as well.  By using these steps, you can keep that metal roof's good looks for decades.

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