Spring is the season of rebirth, of growth, of our surroundings being transformed from grey and dull to vibrant and full of color as the grass sprouts again and those gorgeous early spring flowers like crocuses and tulips begin to liven up our yards.  So it's natural that at this time of year that as we move from winter to warm weather that many Twin Cities homeowners are giving thought to what they can do to add more curb appeal to their homes.  Exterior remodeling is a good place to start, and it doesn't have to be a major project.  Some things are fairly simple, and some cost very little. What is curb appeal? You've probably heard this term so often you may not pay attention to it anymore. But you should  Curb appeal, plain and simple, is the appearance a home has that causes people passing by to pause and give it a better look.  It's a combination of elements on the outside of a home that make it stand out from those around it.  And it has two major functions:  the one most important to real estate professionals and those selling their homes is that it makes a home more attractive to potential buyers.  A home with great curb appeal is going to get more attention than one that lacks it.  It might surprise you how many homes that are fantastic on the inside and are a great value get overlooked because the buyers drove up and were put off by how the outside looked.

But there's a second facet to curb appeal that many overlook, because it has little to do with home value or saleability. And that is the satisfaction the owners get when they look at their homes. Let's face it, physical appearance matters.  How do you feel when you look in the mirror and like what you see?  It's the same when you look at your home and are pleased with its appearance.

So how do you get great curb appeal for your home?  There is no easy recipe for this, because it involves a combination of a number of elements. Landscaping is included. So are things like color scheme and architectural details.  And don't overlook the importance of decorative accents - everything from sconces flanking the front door to pots of flowers in your entry area.  Here are some ideas you might consider.

  • Replace your front door. This is one of the least expensive exterior remodeling projects, but it's also one that delivers great return on investment. In fact, it's one of the top in terms of getting back what you paid for it compared to increase in home value. Plus if you opt for an energy-efficient model, you'll save on utilities, too.  Choose a door with a striking appearance, but don't stop there.  Add a full-glass protective storm door, perhaps some sidelights to frame the door, and then add details that will get attention.  People generally notice the front entry area of a home first, so this is a good place to focus your efforts.
Take a close look at the front entry on this home.  The cream trim stands out against the darker brick, and it contrasts nicely with the black front door. Notice how the contrast draws your eye right to the door?   The maroon shutters add a pop of color, and the various items around the front door communicate 'welcome.' We've got some beautiful quality, energy-efficient entry and storm doors that can be the starting point to adding great curb appeal to your home.  Why not contact us today to find out more?