As a Minneapolis area roofing contractor specializing in the installation of metal roofing, we have a lot of different manufacturers to work with.  First of all, when we choose to work with a roofing material company, we need to have confidence in the company itself.  We are pleased to have partnered with Isaiah Industries, makers of Kassel & Irons metal roofing.  Kassel & Irons offers two lines of steel roofing shingles: KasselShake and KasselWood.  They also manufacture standing seam metal roofing.  Although we primarily install KasselWood & KasselShake, on occasion we have installed their standing seam steel roofing. (You can visit our Photo Gallery for a look at just a few of our completed metal roofing projects.)

For years we've been proud partners of Isaiah Industries and their president, Todd Miller.  Todd's dad founded this Ohio company, originally manufacturing commercial roofing.  Eventually they made the shift to premier residential roofing, which is their focus.  Watch this video for a bit of the story, and perhaps you'll understand why we are happy to work with them.

To find out more about Kassel & Irons steel roofing - or any of the other metal roofing products we install - contact us for a free no-obligation quote.  We'd love to share with you some of the benefits of our metal roofing systems and why Kassel & Irons steel roofing is our number one recommendation for homeowners here in the Minneapolis metro area.