The metal roofing we install on homes and businesses here in the Twin Cities area has lots of benefit, as you may have learned if you are a regular reader of our blog or you follow us in Facebook Or perhaps you know this by experience because you've had us put a metal roof on your home.  But what you may not realize is that one of its advantages is that it can also be installed vertically, as a fantastic alternative to siding or other building cladding. In fact, we did just that with a multi-unit residential complex we worked on a couple of years ago.  Sheets of metal roofing were installed vertically to highlight the balcony area on each unit.  The very qualities that make metal so great for residential roofing also apply to its use as a siding material.  While you may not want to cover the entire exterior of your home with metal roofing as siding, we find that some homeowners like to add it as an accent.  But others have used it exclusively.  Standing seam and corrugated metal roofing panels are popular with tiny home builders as well as those who have ultra-modern style homes. But even the shingle or shake-style metal roofing can be installed vertically in place of traditional siding materials.  We highly recommend our steel shake roofing for gable areas where you might want a wood shake look. You can get that same appearance, but without all the upkeep needed to maintain wood shake siding.  What are the benefits for using steel roofing as siding accents?
  • Highly wind resistant - you don't risk sections of siding being torn off in the high winds we often get here in Minnesota, not even tornado force
  • Impact resistance - unlike wood shakes that can be damaged by hail, steel roofing resists damage from impact
  • Fire resistance - even treated wood siding will burn, but not steel roofing
While we don't recommend you side your entire home with our steel roofing (we have seamless steel siding that we'd recommend instead), you CAN use it as a decorative accent.  And it's available in quite a number of different colors, so you're likely to find something that will complement the other siding you have on your home.  Why not contact us for a no-obligation consultation (virtual, if you'd prefer) to talk about how our metal roofing can transform your home, no matter where you choose to have it installed. Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor serving the greater Twin Cities metro area.  We specialize in the installation of steel roofing and seamless steel siding.