Seeking a cost-effective exterior for your multi-unit property?  We install steel roofing and siding come in styles that can complement any style building.  These building products require virtually no maintenance and will last a lifetime.  Our roofing and siding products are also considered eco-friendly materials. Metal roofing and siding are manufactured with a high percentage of recycled steel, and any scrap from installation as well as the entire products themselves are completely, 100% recyclable.


Among the metal roofing options we offer, the steel roofing we install is from Kassel & Irons, a premier metal roofing manufacturer.  We are the exclusive dealer in the Twin Cities metro for their roofing products, available in both wood shake and asphalt shingle style. (You can learn more about this company and their products by clicking here.) Shown in the photo above is a section of an apartment complex with KasselWood shake-style roofing installed on the mansard roof. (Photo courtesy of Kassel & Irons)

The seamless steel siding we install is our own product, and it’s extruded on site to the exact measurements required – no gaps to let in air, water, or pesky critters like mice and insects.

Along with exceptional quality materials, we also promise to provide:

  • Knowledgeable estimators who are well-trained and can help you select the best solution for you
  • A team of manufacturer-certified installers and an on-site project manager dedicated to your job
  • A friendly office staff who will keep you up to date on scheduling

Quarve Contracting, Inc./Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota is a licensed building contractor specializing in energy-efficient exterior solutions for homes and commercial properties.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation appointment in person or virtually to find out more about how metal roofing and siding can protect your multi-unit property.