In a recent blog post we discussed how having the right roof - such as a metal one - can reduce the likelihood of fire destroying your home.  A metal roof for protection from fire in the event of something like a lightning strike or embers blowing in from elsewhere is important.  But having the right siding is, too.  Surrounding the exterior of your home with noncombustible materials goes a long way, and that's why we highly recommend metal siding if you want the best in fire protection.  Our seamless steel siding - installed in conjunction with a steel or other metal roof - provides just that.

There are other siding materials such as three-coat stucco, brick, or fiber cement siding that resist fire, but seamless steel siding has advantages that these other options do not have.

  • Steel siding requires no additional treatment or coating to resist fire; steel in and of itself is noncombustible
  • Steel siding is lightweight, and that quality gives it a plus in the event an internal fire breaks out. Lightweight exteriors are less likely to collapse and possibly harm either residents or fire fighters in the process
  • Steel siding requires virtually no maintenance
  • Our seamless steel siding meets or exceeds fire resistant ratings of most local building codes without additional materials
Just as homeowners are catching on to the advantages of metal roofing, steel siding, Minneapolis residents are joining people across the country in embracing the idea of protecting their homes with steel siding. Building industry professionals as well as fire safety experts will tell you that when it comes to protecting a home from fire, steel siding is at the top of the list.  Its natural fire resistance - combined with its many other benefits - make it the ideal siding choice for homes in our area.  Our seamless steel siding carries a Class A fire rating, the strongest there is.  Other siding materials can be chemically treated to slow down the spread of fire, but there are environmental concerns that go along with those chemicals. But seamless steel siding offers protection from much more than fire.  You'll find that ice and snow, heavy rains, hail storms, and high winds are no match for our siding.  If you're concerned about providing the very best protection for your home and those who live within its walls, why not schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to find out more?  We are a licensed Minnesota siding installation company serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.