As a Minnesota licensed home improvement company serving the Twin Cities area, we pride ourselves in being able to install what we believe are the very best in energy-efficient exterior home solutions.  And we also believe in delivering top-notch workmanship and customer service.  From the reviews, testimonials, and awards we've gotten over the years, it appears we're doing well at meeting those goals. But we don't take them for granted; we recognize that we earn our reputation with each project we take on. Part of the reason we are able to follow through on our commitments to our customers is that we have endeavored to partner with building materials manufacturers whose products and service line up with our goals. One of those companies is Isaiah Industries, manufacturers of the fantastic Kassel & Irons steel roofing we install.  We not only get fantastic roofing from the, we also get incredible support, training, and contractor resources to enable us to maintain high standards and quality workmanship.  So it was with great gratification we recently received an email from Isaiah Industries' president, Todd Miller, informing us we had been awarded the 2019 Shining Star Award.  Todd's note of congratulations included not only a video but this personal message:
The efforts you make on behalf of our products and the business you bring to us are very much appreciated.                                                                                             - Todd Miller, President, Isaiah Industries
Normally these awards would be presented personally at the company headquarters metal roofing summits, which we have attended in the past.  But this year due to the pandemic, that wasn't available; so they opted to present the award via video.  We're honored to receive this recognition, and we invite you to view the video below to find out more about this award and hear just what Todd has to say about Pat and Julie Quarve and our metal roofing and siding company. If you'd like to learn more about the metal roofing we install and why it might be right for your home, please contact us.

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