Any type of home improvement project goes more smoothly if you've done some preparation ahead of time. That's especially true when it comes to having your roof replaced.   A roof replacement is a major undertaking, so you can expect that a number of things in your home and your life will be affected.  So what should you be doing before your roofing company shows up to begin work?

What to Do Before Your Roof Is Replaced

The first step is to get a detailed timeline from your roofing contractor.  They should give you a general idea of the steps involved, how much time it will take, and what areas they will be working in.  Ask them if they have particular instructions for you and what they would like for you to take care of ahead of time. They should also let you know what they will be handling. For example, get clear on who will be pulling the permit. (BTW, it should be the contractor, not the homeowner, unless you're having your roof replaced as part of a larger overall remodeling job.) If they don't touch on these issues, here are things you can do to make things easier on everyone involved.
  • Be aware there will be lots of noise and dust. You may want to arrange to stay somewhere else while the work is going on. Some people find that a home remodeling project is a great excuse to take a family vacation. If you do that, however, make sure you'll be easy to contact in case they have questions. At any rate, planning on being somewhere away from your home during the working hours is optimal.
  • Let your neighbors know about your plans.  They'll appreciate being aware of the potential for noise and dust, or at least knowing why there's a dumpster on your property and trucks coming and going.  There may be heavy equipment involved, such as a crane that will lift the roofing materials up to the work area.
  • The act of working on the roof will cause some jostling and vibrating, so it's wise to remove breakables from walls and shelves.
  • If anyone in your home has dust allergies, this is another good reason to be away while the work is going on.  Dust is inevitably going to make its way in through openings such as vents and lighting.
  • Protect areas on the outside of your home.  Remove and store movable objects such as planters and patio furniture.  Your contractor should take special care to avoid damage to landscaping and other areas, but accidents happen, so covering or shielding things (including air conditioning, skylights, windows, etc.) will minimize the chance of damage.
  • Take any pets into consideration.  The noise and commotion of a project like a roof replacement can be stressful on pets. Think about having them stay elsewhere while the work is going on, or at least secure them in an inner room or the basement where they'll be as far away from the noise as possible.

The good news is that a roof replacement should be complete in a week or less, so the upheaval won't last forever. But taking steps like these we've mentioned can make things easier on you.  If you've got a roof replacement project scheduled with us, we're happy to walk you through the process so you know what to expect, and we'll be here to touch base with you at each step.  We want you to be happy not only with your beautiful new roof but the service you'll get from us as well.

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor serving the greater Minneapolis metro area.