It's not unusual to find when we're meeting with prospective customers here in the Twin Cities area to give them on a quote on an exterior remodeling project that they have a number of things on their to-do list.  Often we find when we're talking about a roof replacement, they would also like to have new gutters installed and perhaps siding as well.  Oh, and while we're doing all that, maybe new energy-efficient windows and doors as well.  We love a list like that, because we are definitely in favor of creating a protective envelope around the entire exterior of a home, and installing complementary components can make a big difference.  There are a lot of good reasons for tackling multiple types of exterior remodeling at the same time:
  • Your contractor can pull one permit that would handle everything, rather than multiple permits
  • Disruption in your yard, home, and your lifestyle will happen in one event, not several times
  • It's more cost effective for the contractor, and it definitely will save you money.  There are fixed costs for any job, regardless of how much work is done.
  • Your contractor can recommend materials that work well together.
  • Planned installation can be done in stages so that the next type of work won't damage what has already been done.  (We've found this works particularly well with rooftop solar panel installation; we work in conjunction with the solar installers so that neither of us messes up the other's work and we're not having to double up on efforts.)
  So then the question arises, where do we start?  Which type of exterior remodeling should be done first?

We recommend starting on the roof.  Working from the top down has many advantages.  A roof replacement is going to likely be the most debris-generating and also creates the most mess.  If you're having an ice dam prevention solution put in, this should be done in conjunction with the roof replacement. Often attic space insulation and venting will be involved, and it's easier and smoother to do it along with the roof.

We often recommend installing gutters at this point as well, but it would depend on the type of gutters you're having.  With our seamless gutters, putting the rain handling system in place before the siding and trim are installed is optimal.

The next step should be installation of doors and replacement windows.  Some might think the siding should come first, but the potential exists to damage the new siding when pulling out the old windows and doors.  Installing them first and then following up with siding means the siding can fit snugly against the new windows and doors.  And then the final step is the soffit, fascia, and trim.

One final note: This order of work is also recommended if you're going to be doing your exterior remodeling in phases, due to budget or other considerations.  The roof is the most important protective feature of your home, so we highly suggest starting there.  And even if you aren't ready to do everything at once, we can give you a quote for work now that factors in future plans.

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota exterior home improvement contractor.  We specialize in energy-efficient, maintenance-free solutions like seamless siding.  We serve the greater Minneapolis metro area, including surrounding communities like Prior Lake, Coon Rapids, and even western Wisconsin.