Here at our Minneapolis home exterior remodeling company, we LOVE our customers!  We recognize that one of the biggest reasons for our success is the support they show us.  We're thankful for those who recommend us to their friends and neighbors, and we appreciate the testimonials sent to us as well as the great reviews so many have posted online.  There's just nothing like meeting with a prospective new client and having them tell us that 'so-and-so told me you guys do wonderful work.'

Loyalty is a quality to be admired and appreciated, and we think it should be rewarded as well. With that in mind, we wanted to remind our customers of our loyalty rewards program. Pass on our name to others, and when they contact us for a quote, YOU get the money, regardless of whether they book a job with us or not.  (If they do, and it's a larger job, we'll double that money. That's how much we value referrals!)

Just remind them to mention your name when they contact us so you get the reward.  And don't forget your 5% discount for any future projects you arrange with us.  Thanks for your support!