We live in a society where disposable things seem to be the norm. And while there is a certain convenience attached to use-and-throw-away items, it can lead to unnecessary expense for repeated purchases as well as a negative impact on our natural resources and our environment.  We know that those who live in The Twin Cities area are for the most part concerned about sustainability and living a greener life, and that's one of the reasons we recommend steel roofs for Minnesota homes. What makes a steel roof stand out from other alternatives?  For one thing, when you have a steel roof put on your home, most likely it is the last roof your house will ever need.   Even the best asphalt roofing can't make that claim.  Can you imagine doing something once to your home and never having to think about it again? And then there is the recycling/recylable issue.  Did you know that steel roofing contain somewhere between 70-95% recycled metal?  That means a large amount of metal that might otherwise go to a landfill is getting a second life as a new steel roof.  And what's more, that roof itself (as well as any scraps from its installation) is 100% recyclable?  There are not too many things we buy these days that are completely recyclable to the point that ALL of the steel that goes to the recycler comes out again as a useful steel item.  If you've got other environmental concerns, you can read more about why metal roofs are considered eco-friendly. If that's not enough to convince you to consider a steel roof for your home, let's talk about how steel stands up to Minnesota's climate.  No other roofing comes close to steel or other metal roofs when it comes to things hail, high winds, bitter cold, ice storms, and heavy rains.  And unlike most other roofing, metal roofs resist combustion from lightning strikes or other fire threats.  In fact, it does so great a job at resisting fire that many homeowner's insurance companies will grant discounts to homeowners who choose to install metal roofs. 

There are few things in this life that qualify for a one-and-done type purchase, but we are proud to install steel and other metal roofing that does.  Imagine the peace of mind you can have, knowing you'll never need another roof on your home again.  Oh, and did we mention it's virtually maintenance free? (That's just one of the many other benefits.)

To find out more about getting your last roof installed, contact us today.  We're happy to arrange either an in-person or virtual estimate.  Quarve Contracting, Inc./Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota is a licensed Minnesota home remodeling company specializing in metal roofing