It seems like our long, hot summer is coming to an abrupt end, as the forecast is for chilly temps and possible frost in the Twin Cities in just a short time.  The kids are back in school (even if it's from home), so we can't avoid the reality that fall is here.  And fall means exterior home maintenance.  We've got a list of things you should take care of this month so your home is ready for the coming weather.
  • Empty your pots and hanging baskets, and either fill them with fall decor or store away until spring. But before you pack them away, check them to see if they're in good shape. If not, toss them out.  The same goes for flower boxes. Chances are your plants have died or are about to.  Getting them emptied before the frost hits is recommended.
  • If you have stick-type solar yard lights, pull them up and inspect them. Throw out any that are bent, and store the rest.  You don't want them in the way of leaf-raking or getting buried by snow.
  • Take a good look at your exterior seasonal decor. If it's looking a little worn, get rid of it.  And this is a good time to change out door wreaths or yard flags for something current.  If you need some inspiration, check out our 'Fabulous Fall' board on Pinterest
  • This is also the perfect time for garage clean-out.  Get rid of broken, worn items or things you never use. That way you'll have room to bring in patio furniture or other things from your yard that would be better stored indoors over winter. 
  • How are your storm doors? If you haven't had them installed on your entry doors, now is the perfect time.  We highly recommend them for homes here in the Minneapolis area, and we offer a wide range of Larson storm doors that can add an extra layer of insulation and security to your home.  If you already have storm doors, inspect them to make sure they close securely and latch. 
  • Do a thorough home exterior check.  Look for cracked or warped siding, failed or missing caulk around window and door frames, bent gutters, missing or curled shingles as well as flashing issues.  Your roof and siding make up the major protection for your home against the coming cold weather, so you want to be sure everything is in good shape.  If you haven't had a roof inspection in several years, now is a good time to get one scheduled.  That way if repairs are needed, you can get them taken care of before damage results.
There are a number of other things that should be done before winter, but this list provides a good start.  We're here to help you with needed exterior home repairs if any are needed. Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home improvement company, and we serve the greater Minneapolis metro area.