Okay, so we're not exactly the ghost-busters team, but there are some strange ideas floating around the neighborhoods in the Twin Cities about metal roofing.  And we're here to correct the misinformation and hopefully bust those myths:

The Top 5 Myths About Residential Metal Roofing – BUSTED! 

Despite the efforts of the metal roofing industry, there are myths about residential roofing that are still circulating.  So we’ve called in the ‘Myth Busters’ to reveal the truth:
  • Myth: Metal roofing will make a house hot in summer.  FALSE!    The truth is, metal roofing, when properly installed, can keep your home cooler.
  • Myth: Metal roofing will attract lightning.  FALSE!    Lightning is NOT attracted to metal.  The reason lightning rods are installed is not because they are metal but because they protrude above a roof.  Metal roofing is in fact no more likely than any other roof to be struck by lightning. But it IS far less likely to be affected by it.  The truth is, metal roofing can actually protect your home from catching fire due to a lightning strike.
  • Myth: A home with metal roofing is noisy inside when it rains.  FALSE!    When the roof is properly installed, you won’t notice any difference in noise level between a metal roof or other type of roof. 
  • Myth: Metal roofs for homes are too costly.  FALSE!    Yes, the up-front installation cost is more, but when you consider how long the roof will last, as well as other financial benefits, over time a metal roof can turn out to be a very economical choice.
  • MYTH: Metal roofs are easily dented.  FALSE!    We realize this is a concern for homeowners in our area due to the frequency of hail storms.  But metal roofs are highly resistant to damage from impacts like hail.  They are engineered to be extremely durable, and they’ll take decades of abuse from storms and debris without showing it. 
If you've been hearing these and other rumors about metal roofing, we'd like you to check out our informational page, and then if you still have questions, let us know.  We are happy to answers those questions and set the record straight.  More and more homeowners here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area are turning to steel or other metal roofing, and we'd love to share their stories with you. Quarve Contracting, Inc./Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota is a licensed exterior home improvement company specializing in the installation of steel and other metal roofing.  We serve the greater Twin Cities metro, including outlying communities like Forest Lake, Wyoming, Stillwater, and even western Wisconsin.