When we meet with prospective customers here in the Minneapolis metro about exterior remodeling such as roofing or siding, we often have discussions about cost vs. investment.  Yes, any type of home improvement is going to cost you something, but in uncertain economic times like these, looking at projects that fall into the category of an investment should take top priority.  And not all home improvements are considered investments.  In fact, there are things you can do to your home that will actually reduce its value. But having metal roofing installed is definitely an investment.  Here are the top five reasons why we believe it just makes good financial sense to replace your existing roof with a steel or other metal roof.

Metal Roofing For Homes: Why It Is a Solid Investment

Metal roofing for homes is a relative newcomer to the market here in the U.S, even though homes in Europe have metal roofing that may be 100 years old or more, and still going strong.  Some commercial buildings in the U.S. have made use of it, but it's mainly known in this country for agricultural buildings.  But that's changing quickly.  Residential housing developers, architects, builders and other groups are championing metal roofing as one of the best things you can protect a home with.  Of course, the roofing comes with lots of benefits, but we want to focus in this post on the financial side of things.
  • Expect an increase in property value when you have a metal roof installed.  When it comes time to sell, you should realize a higher value for your home than one that has asphalt roofing.  Wise buyers are coming to recognize the value of having a metal roof on a home and therefore are willing to pay more for a home with that type of roof.
  • Cost of repair and maintenance is extremely low.  Very little is needed in terms of upkeep, and if repairs are needed, generally they are easier than work done to another type of roof.
  • It is likely the last roof you will ever need.  Depending on the type of roof as well as the area you live in, a metal roof might last anywhere from 40-70 years, at least double and often triple what asphalt roofing can be expected to last. 
  • Homeowners with metal roofs often realize savings on their homeowner's insurance due to its high resistance to fire. While wildfires are not an issue in Minnesota like they are in the Western U.S., fire ratings should be considered, since lightning strikes are common in our area.  Lightning does not pose a threat to metal roofing.  
  • Metal roofing is considered highly energy efficient. That means you'll see savings on your utility bill.  Its coating reflects heat away from a home and doesn't absorb it like asphalt or wood roofing does.  The EPA considers metal roofing a 'cool' roof, with lighter colors performing very highly.  And since environmental impact is an important issue for many Minnesotans, this is just one more plus for metal roofing.  
The list of benefits to homeowners who choose to have metal roofing installed is long, and these are just a few of the financial ones that make metal roofing a wise investment.  Got questions?  We've got answers - talk to us today! Quarve Contracting, Inc./Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota is a licensed home improvement contractor serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area, including communities like Stillwater, Mendota Heights, Maplewood, and Apple Valley.