In a recent post we opened up the topic on how to choose siding for Minneapolis area homes.  In that article we discussed the first two main considerations: your budget and your personal preference.  Those are the first two factors that need to get clarified before you can move on. But establishing the parameters for both of those will help narrow your options.  (If you haven't read that post yet, we suggest you click here and read that first.)

Things to Consider When Evaluating Your Minnesota Siding Choices

How well will the siding stand up to Minnesota's weather conditions? This should be your next consideration, because some siding materials hold up better in our climate than others do.  For example, while genuine wood siding may be beautiful, our freeze/thaw cycle, hail, heavy rains, snow, and deep cold mean wood siding takes a beating, season after season.

To keep it looking good and functioning well, wood siding needs frequent upkeep, such as re-staining or re-painting, replacing caulk, and more. Plus wood can crack or warp as both moisture and temperature changes can affect it.  Yearly maintenance costs can be expensive, and there are more economical options.

There are other siding materials than can provide the look of wood without these drawbacks.  For example, some homeowners in our area choose quality vinyl siding.  We highly recommend our seamless steel siding that replicates the wood-grain look but with a durability that is unmatched. Our weather won't affect it, regardless of the temperature or humidity level. Plus there is virtually no maintenance required.  (If you'd prefer something other than steel or vinyl, we have other wood-look options we can recommend, such as Hardie fiber cement siding, which is engineered for our climate conditions.)

What do the majority of homes in your neighborhood look like?  This is another important consideration; you need to ask yourself whether you want your home to stand out from those around it or blend in seamlessly with your surroundings.  Answering that question can help you choose both style and color.  For example, if you live in a development where every home looks like it was constructed from the same plan, and every house is a similar neutral color, you might want to choose siding that will differentiate your home.  It might be nice to tell your visitors, 'Ours is the green house," when all the other homes on your street are shades of tan or brown!

On the other hand, if each house is sided with multiple colors and two or more styles, you might want something more uniform, such as one color siding with a contrasting color trim for accent.

One thing you should check into though, is if your home is in an area where Home Owners' Association restrictions apply.  You may be limited to styles and colors of siding and most likely will have to submit your choice to the HOA board.

You've made it this far in our siding choice tutorial, but you're not quite done yet!  We expect that if you follow the tips we've laid out in this post as well as our first one that you have your siding possibilities whittled down to just a few. But in our upcoming post we'd like to discuss two final thoughts: maintenance and how long you intend to stay in your home. Both these factors need to be taken into consideration, so we hope you've subscribed to our blog and get our next article!

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor specializing in energy-efficient exterior solutions for homes in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  We install a variety of siding materials, including our exceptional seamless steel siding that you'll find on houses all around the Twin Cities.