How much time and money are you willing to spend on regular maintenance? We realize that some homeowners enjoy doing things to their homes, and there are those with the DIY bug for whom regularly working on their siding is enjoyable, even therapeutic.  And some have the financial resources to indulge that habit. But if you've got better things to do with your time and money, we suggest looking for a siding material that requires little or no maintenance.

While there are siding materials out there that can create a gorgeous look for your home's exterior, some of them - like genuine wood lap siding or cedar shakes - require a sizeable investment of both time and money to keep the look and the function.  There will be regular repainting or re-staining, plus replacing failed caulk frequently.  And those tasks aren't just to maintain the appearance.

Over time, our weather conditions will cause the finish on many siding materials to deteriorate.  If you've got paint, it's going to be chipping and flaking within just a few years.  Bright sunlight on some sections of your house may cause uneven fading.  And repeated freeze and thaw cycles can mean cracking or warping.  For many vinyl siding products, that can be a real threat.

But as the look of a siding product may change quickly, it's an indication that the protective function of it may be compromised as well.  Maintaining the integrity of the caulking between joints and around window and door frames is crucial to keeping out wind and moisture. Both of those getting behind your siding products can cause damage to your underlying structure, not to mention higher utility bills.

Maybe you've got lots of money to spend and plenty of time on your hands, so you don't mind investing in a siding product that will require frequent upkeep. That's fine.  But if you'd prefer a siding material that will free up both your time and your wallet for things you'd rather be doing, talk to us about our seamless steel siding. The finish will look good for decades, without any maintenance on your part other than an occasional garden hose to rinse of the dust.  And because it's seamless and extruded on site to fit your home, there are no gaps that need caulking, and the trim we install covers the window and door frame areas.  

Homeowners all over the Twin Cities are switching from siding materials that require a lot of upkeep and instead are choosing to have our seamless steel siding installed.  Why not contact us to find out how we can help you?

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