We recently ran a series of posts on our blog about choosing siding materials.  (If you'd like to check out previous articles on the topic, click here for 'Siding' posts.)  There are a number of things to consider, but wise homeowners here in the Twin Cities know that one of the major factors is how well a material will hold up to our weather.  Pay particular attention to the affect cold and associated precipitation like ice and snow may have on siding.  What we've found that can't be matched as far as resisting Old Man Winter in Minnesota is our seamless steel siding. As a licensed Minnesota siding contractor who has been installing siding on homes in the Twin Cities for nearly four decades, we believe there is no better protection against harsh winter weather than steel siding, especially when it's seamless steel.  First of all, because it's installed using a technique to eliminate seams, there are no gaps for wind to blow snow and ice underneath the siding.  That can be an issue with any siding where there are even the smallest openings. That cold wind can lead to higher heating bills, but what's a bigger threat is the snow or ice getting underneath the siding.  A sunny day can cause it to melt, and you'll get water trapped against your house.

Experts agree that snow, ice, frost and sleet are no threat to seamless steel siding.  And neither are cold temperatures.  Some siding - such as vinyl - can get brittle as the temperature plunges, making them vulnerable to cracking from blowing ice and snow. But not our seamless steel.  And while some companies claim that metal siding will rust from exposure to ice and snow, ours has a galvanized coating that makes it corrosion- and rust-resistant. And that same coating makes it stronger as well.

Interested in our process?  Visit our Steel Siding page and watch our short video of one of our seamless siding crews in action.  Then give us a call or complete our contact form - we'd be glad to discuss our siding with you and give you a free no-obligation quote to have it installed before the snow flies!