We had someone ask us this question recently.  With the current economic conditions, many homeowners are tackling repairs and improvements themselves, in an effort to save money.  But we'd like to say that the question isn't 'Can I...' but 'Should I?' Often times you might be able to do something, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea.  And it doesn't always guarantee you that you will save yourself money.  So, to address the question of whether Minneapolis homeowners should try and install their own metal roofing, here are our thoughts.

DIY Metal Roofing Installation - Is It a Good Idea?

The first thing you need to know is that metal roof installation is more like simple sheet metal work then roofing, in comparison to asphalt shingle roofing.  Many of the basic skills sheet metal workers learn come into play with metal roofing.  So, if you've got sheet metal skills, you MIGHT be able to tackle a metal roofing job yourself. But that still doesn't mean you should!

The second thing you should know is that specialized tools and equipment need to be used to install metal roofing, and these are different than an asphalt roofing contractor would use.  That's just one of the reasons many Minnesota roofing companies don't offer metal roofing.  What this means for the DIY'er is that they either have to buy or rent those tools, so add that cost on to the materials.

And that brings us to our third point: upfront cost of materials.  As a homeowner your one-time metal roofing materials purchase won't qualify you for the volume discounts a metal roofing company like ours gets, so you'll be paying more.  Part of what you might save in installation costs will be offset by higher materials cost.

Then there's the issue of the manufacturer's installation specifications.  Most often the roofing warranty or guarantee is contingent on installation being done according to to specific procedures and techniques.  If you're not familiar with them or don't follow what's laid out, your warranty could be void.

And then lastly there's the issue of personal safety.  Any time someone gets up on a roof the danger of an injury or (or even a fatality) from a fall is significant.  Ladders themselves pose one of the biggest risks.  Your roofer's team uses fall protection equipment and is trained to work on a roof, being aware of the dangers.  Are you willing to risk your own well-being just to save a bit of money?  A fall that could put you in the hospital could end up being very costly.

So....can you install metal roofing yourself?  You might be able to, but we don't suggest that you do.  Why not work with an experienced, licensed Minnesota roofing company like Quarve and get the job safely and done right.  Our crews get hands-on training in our shop with manufacturer-recommended techniques.  We even built a scale model to give them the practice they need!

To find out more about how a metal roof could protect your home for decades, please contact us today for a free consultation.  We install metal roofing throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area.  You'll find metal roofs by Quarve on homes everywhere from Osceola, Wisconsin, to Stillwater, Minnesota.