We've noticed homeowners all around the Minneapolis area taking advantage of the occasional nice day taking care of exterior maintenance and prepping their homes for winter.  You've probably seen a few of your neighbors up on ladders taking care of one of the least favorite chores - gutter clean-out.  Of course, with the rain (and snow) we've had, those leaves, debris, and dust in your gutters have probably turned to gunk, so yes, it is a dirty chore. But it's necessary. And by the way, we do not recommend you attempt what this fellow in the photo is doing.  Each fall more than a few homeowners end up in the emergency room due to falling from a ladder.  It's just not safe, especially when you're several stories up.  Unless you've got a one-story home (and even then you may want to reconsider), we highly suggest you hire a professional gutter cleaning company to take care of it.

But don't stop with cleaning out your gutters.  They should also be inspected by a professional to make sure they're in good shape to handle the inevitable melting snow on your roof.  As a  licensed Minneapolis home repair and improvement company, we offer inspection, repair, and installation of gutters.  Our rain handling system is seamless steel with oversized downspouts, and they're durable enough to handle anything that Old Man Winter may throw at (or on) your roof this winter.

For a gutter inspection or repair, as well as a quote to have new gutters installed, contact us today