The recent snowfalls and freezing temps we've had across the Twin Cities metro are a stark reminder that winter will be here soon.  So now is the time to get your home ready for the coming cold weather, especially around your exterior.  You should be doing things like getting your gutters cleaned out and repaired, checking your windows and doors for leaks, and especially taking steps to avoid ice dam development, if that's been a problem on your home in winters past.  Usually if you've had an ice dam develop before, it is going to happen again.  But this could be the year you get a permanent ice dam solution!

Each fall we encourage Minnesota homeowners to clean out leaves and other debris from their gutters before things freeze.  Otherwise you've already got a recipe for disaster, because unless those gutters and downspouts allow for a free flow of snow melting off your roof, you could have trouble.  Water will just re-freeze at the roof's edge. The weight of the ice could pull your gutters (as well as any fascia board they are attached to) right off.  But that could be the least of your problems.

That original ice freezing in your clogged gutters will lay the foundation for an ice dam that will develop and cause any more snow melt to seep under your roof and eventually into your home. (To read up on ice dams, what causes them, and the damage they can create, please visit our Ice Dam category on our blog and check out our articles.)

Now, obviously gutter clean-out and repair isn't a permanent solution.  It's still an important fall home maintenance task, but we can inspect your gutters and roof as well as your attic and design an ice dam prevention system that will eliminate the problem for good.  Usually attic insulation and ventilation improvements are part of the work.  Why?  Because keeping your attic space cool goes a long way in preventing that snow on your roof from ever melting.

If ice dam formation is a problem at your house each winter, please contact us today for a free inspection and quote.  Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota exterior home improvement company and ice dam removal and prevention is part of our services.  We work in the greater Minneapolis metro area as well as surrounding communities.