As a Minnesota home remodeling contractor specializing in energy efficient exterior improvements, most of our projects are major ones, such as installation of a metal roof or our seamless steel siding.  But we wanted to remind homeowners here in the Twin Cities area that you can do some things on a smaller scale that can both reduce your energy use while improving the look of your home.  One of those is having storm doors installed.

Sometimes when we talk with prospective clients about the things they can do to increase the energy efficiency in their homes, we suggest they consider adding storm doors. Storm doors are an economical investment that can pay off in a big way. Why Twin Cities Homes Need Storm Doors

We're just going to state the obvious here because it's pertinent to the question as to why a home in our area needs storm doors.  In the Minneapolis area we get harsh weather, both winter and summer.  In warmer months the heat and humidity often mean we keep windows and doors closed for comfort.  In winter, the icy winds often mean drafts indoors.  And both of these weather extremes can be hard on our homes' exteriors, particularly if any parts are wood.

  • Got real wood entry doors?  Storm doors with full glass will protect your exterior door from our weather but let the beauty of the wood show through.
  • Got high heating and cooling bills? Storm doors provide an extra layer of insulation at entry points where outside air might get in.
  • Got concerns about home security?  Most break-ins are through doors, and if you've got a secure, locked storm door, a burglar might think twice about having to breach two doors.
If you choose storm doors with screens, such as the 'rollback' screens available with Larson doors, you're providing another spot for air flow in milder weather. As a licensed Twin Cities area home remodeling contractor specializing in the installation of energy-efficient building materials, we are pleased to offer our customers Larson storm doors for their homes and businesses.  To find out more about what Larson storms can do for you, please contact us