Would it surprise you to know that one of the contributors to ice dam formation on roof edges here in the Twin Cities is improper attic insulation?  While there are a number of other factors that cause ice dams, warm attic spaces can be problematic.  Two things work together to keep an attic cool - ventilation and the right amount of insulation.

When we're tackling a roof replacement project that incorporates a permanent ice dam solution, one of the first things we evaluate is the attic space.  Adding insulation is often part of our roofing work.

Why Sufficient Attic Insulation Is Important

Keeping your attic space cool is important for a number of reasons.  Many roofing materials can prematurely fail if the attic gets too hot and the heat transfers to the roof.  Another side effect is your summer cooling bills.  A poorly insulated attic gets heated by the sun falling on the roof (as well as the outside temperatures). That heat can make its way into the house below, meaning you'll need to run your A/C more.

But a warm attic is also problematic in the winter, because that's what leads to snow melting on the roof rather than sliding off.  You've probably noticed spots on snowy roofs where there are bare patches.  Those areas of the roof that have no snow reveal attic heat making its way to the roof.  That melted snow is what travels down to the gutters and then freezes, creating an ice dam.  Repeated water flows increase the size of the ice ridge, and eventually water from melting snow seeps underneath the roof and into your home.

So if you're working with a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor for a roof repair or replacement project to prevent future ice dam formation, attic insulation should be part of the proposed project.  Your roofer should be taking a look at your attic space to determine whether additional insulation is needed. 

Here at Quarve Contracting we've worked with many homeowners around the Minneapolis metro area to install a permanent ice dam prevention system, often in conjunction with a roof repair.  If ice dams are a problem on your home, please contact us today for a free inspection and quote on taking care of the problem for good!