If you're a regular reader of our blog, you probably have noticed we've been posting about ice dams lately.  And there's a good reason for this: there is still time to get a system in place that will prevent them from forming. The heavy snow and cold hasn't hit us yet, so we haven't seen ice dam problems on roofs around the Twin Cities.  But it won't be too long before conditions are right.  Fortunately, you can still arrange to get that issue taken care of for good. Our permanent solution for ice dams includes a number of elements:
  • Metal roofing: With a metal roof on your home, snow slides off instead of piling up and then melting
  • Attic insulation:  Sufficient insulation to keep your attic space cool is extremely important. A warm attic is what causes snow on the roof above it to melt.
  • Attic/roof ventilation: Ventilation through your attic space and under your roof works in conjunction with the insulation, and it's part of keeping your roof and the space underneath it cold.   Grandma may have enjoyed a cold attic to store her holiday baking in, but there are many more reasons, including prolonging the life of your roof.
  • Rain-handling system: You may not think about your gutters and downspouts much at this time of the year, but they play a very important part in preventing ice dam formation.  They can also be one of the main contributors if they aren't kept clean or aren't functioning well.  When we evaluate a home due to ice dam problems, we take a look at the rain-handling system, not just the roof and attic.  We may suggest you replace your existing system with our seamless steel gutters and our large-mouth downspouts that can handle a higher water volume.
And yes, our roofing crews work in winter weather. Unlike asphalt roofing, metal roofing has no issues due to cold-weather installation. Why not make ice dams on your home a thing of the past?  Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your roof and attic.  We are a licensed Minnesota residential roofing contractor serving the greater Minneapolis metro area.  Ice dam prevention is just one of our services.