One of the things our Minnesota metal roofing customers love about their new roofs is that they require very little maintenance to keep working the way they are intended as well as looking good for decades.  But we did want to point out that 'very little maintenance' is not the same as maintenance-free.  And while a steel or other metal roof requires far less attention than a wood shake or asphalt shingle roof does, from time to time they do need a little work.  But we want to stress the 'little'part, because that is one of the benefits. So, you may be wondering, just want kind of maintenance DOES a metal roof need?  Our friends at the Metal Roofing Alliance have helped us out with a list of basic things you should be doing.

It's Easy to Take Care of Your Metal Roof

About all your metal roof will need is an occasional cleaning. While moss, algae, and other things that plague traditional roofing materials aren't likely to develop on your metal roof, you may get occasional dust or other debris that comes along with weather that might bring high winds.  Even heavy air pollution might deposit some gunk. Of course, any time something like a tree branch falls on your roof, get it removed right away. It could collect other things, and it can be a safety issue. You rarely will need to do more than simply rinse off your roof.  No chemicals like those needed to clean asphalt or wood roofs are needed.  Take these steps:
  1. Your safety comes first:  If you're using a ladder (which you will be most likely), it's a good idea to have a helper. Falls from ladders are quite common, so having someone working with you is a good idea.  If you're a little unsure, it might be better to hire a professional to tackle this job.
  2. Clean surrounding areas before your roof:  This may involve trimming back overhanging tree branches as well as cleaning out your gutters and downspouts.  Water will be flowing off the roof as you rinse it, so you want to make sure there isn't anything clogging up your gutter system.
  3. Mix up a mild cleaning solution in case it's needed:  1/4 cup mild dishwashing liquid per gallon of warm water will be useful to remove any baked-on matter like mud or dried leaves that a simple rinse won't clean off.
  4. Go easy on your roof:  Use a soft bristle brush, nothing abrasive.  A scrub pad made for nonstick cookware may be useful.  But never use any type of scraper or steel wool.  And we DO NOT recommend you use a pressure washer.  A garden hose is sufficient.
  5. Let it sit, then rinse:  If you need to scrub any area, apply and wait 5-10 minutes before your final rinse.
With a little care, your metal roof should outlive you.  For most homeowners, it is the last roof they will ever need.  To find out more about having a metal roof installed on your home, please contact us.  Metal roofing is our specialty, and homes all over the Twin Cities area are protected with our work!