One of the reasons people love our seamless steel siding is that it is virtually maintenance-free.  And while that term doesn't mean it needs no upkeep at all, there are things you should be doing to keep your steel siding looking great and working the way it's designed to.  But does any of that need to be done so it's ready for winter here in the Twin Cities? An important thing you should know is that steel siding is not susceptible to the issues many siding products have during the winter here in our area.  A lot of the maintenance other siding materials require is due to winter weather and damage.  But steel siding is non-porous, so it doesn't absorb moisture like wood siding does.  That means no expanding and contracting with a freeze/thaw cycle, and hence no cracking or warping.  And it won't freeze solid like vinyl siding will, resulting in cracks for vinyl but nothing for steel siding.

About the only thing that many homeowners in our area due to prep their steel siding for winter is to give it a good cleaning so it looks great.  And if you decorate the exterior of your house with holiday lights, that's something you'll probably want to do each late fall before it snows.

Our only other recommendation is to give your siding a good once-over before winter hits, just to make sure no storm or other incident has caused damage to your siding.  But due to its durability and resistance to just about anything, it's not likely.  It's very impact resistant, but there are the occasional unexpected things that happen, like a storm with high winds hurling a large tree branch at your house.  But in cases like that, we recommend that after each severe storm people check their homes for storm damage.

So...the simple answer to the question as to whether our seamless steel siding requires any special care to get it ready for a Minnesota winter is, "No, not really."  If you like the idea of having a siding material that will stand up well to our harsh winter weather, requires very little in the way of maintenance, and will look good and perform well for decades, contact us for a free quote.  We are a licensed Minnesota siding contractor, and  we specialize in installation of energy efficient metal roofing and steel siding. in the greater Twin Cities metro area, including western Wisconsin communities.  Find us also as Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota - that name says it all!