Maybe you're one of those wise homeowners who has done your research on residential metal roofing. So your next step is to find out if any roofing companies in the Twin Cities install metal roofs.  You've found us!  We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor and metal roofing is one of our specialties. It's important to know whether a prospective roofing company is experienced with metal roofing, because not all of them are.  Some may advertise it because they realize it's catching on quickly. But installing metal roofing takes different skills and tools than asphalt shingles, currently the most common type of roof.  And for metal roofs to perform the way they are designed to, they need to be installed according to the manufacturer's specifications.  Doing things the right way is something we're committed to here at Quarve.  And to facilitate that, we insist on our installation crews going through training by the manufacturer.  We've even invested in a scale model roof setup in our shop so they can get the needed instruction and hands-on practice locally. Shown here is company founder Pat Quarve in our shop with a roof section.

We're proud of the relationships we've built with our metal roofing suppliers like Kassel & Irons.  Our job is to ensure that our installation lives up to their standards, and they are terrific at giving us the support we need to do just that.  In addition to hands-on instruction in our shop, Quarve personnel regularly attend industry workshops and meetings to stay current on best practices and new developments in metal roofing.

But the best way to decide on a roofing contractor to install your new metal roof is to check out some of the projects they've already done.  You can read what a few of our valued customers have to say on our Testimonials page, and you can also drive around the Twin Cities area to look at some of the homes that are protected with one of our metal roofs.  We've made it very easy for you via a Google maps app. Just click on the map section shown here and you'll be taken to a large Google map section. Addresses and project specifics are shown, so you can find homes with metal roofs near you, or you can look for homes that have the color roof you're considering.  In addition to the Minneapolis metro area, you'll find our satisfied metal roofing customers in communities from Mound and Prior Lake to Stacy and Harris. To find out more about the steel and other metal roofing installed by Quarve/Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, please contact us.  You can even schedule an estimate online.