If you've been considering re-roofing your house with steel or other metal roofing, congratulations!  You've selected what is fast becoming the #1 roofing choice for homeowners here in the Minneapolis metro as well as across the rest of Minnesota and the entire U.S. So your next question might be when you should have the work done.  One of the great things about metal roofing is that it is ALWAYS  good time to get it installed.  Unlike other type of roofing, installation of a steel or other metal roof isn't affected by the outdoor temperature.
Did you know that industry experts advise against installing asphalt roofing when the temperature drops below 40°F?  Or at temperatures above 85°F?  Adhesives are used in asphalt shingle installation that need a temperature in that range to activate properly.  But metal roofing installation doesn't involve those adhesives. Did you know that asphalt roofing shingles can become very brittle when the temperature is below freezing?  That's another reason installation of this type of roofing in cold weather is not recommended.  But again, the outside temperature - even extreme cold - doesn't have this affect on metal roofing.

Recommended Times for Metal Roofing Installation

So the simplest answer to the question is, any time is a good time to install metal roofing here in Minnesota.  Now, our crews do like the milder weather, but they even enjoy roofing in cold temps.  We tell people that winter might be the best time for a metal roof installation project, because it's our slower season and you're likely to get on our schedule more quickly.  Plus with the frozen ground, your lawn won't suffer from foot traffic.  We use a specialized piece of equipment called an Equipter roof buggy that allows us to transport both our installation crew and our materials to the top of your house so ice and snow that might be barriers to ladder work don't present problems for winter installation either.

Another reason to get your metal roof installed right now - before the end of January - is that we have heard from our suppliers that metal roofing prices are going to increase.  But we're offering our prospective roofing customers a chance to lock in 2020 prices by scheduling their projects before January 26th.  So the best time to have a metal roof installed is RIGHT NOW!  But we completely understand if you'd rather wait a bit; we do our best to accommodate the scheduling needs of our customers.

To find out more about having a metal roof installed in your home here in the Minneapolis metro, give us a call or text us at 763-785-1472.  Or you can use our online contact form and one of our Minnesota metal roofing experts will get back to you.  Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor specializing in metal roofing and siding.  We work throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area.