Owning and maintaining a home means dealing with expenses on a regular basis. First you purchase the home, and then there are recurring costs for repairs and maintenance.  And of course you may want to do some remodeling or home improvements.  Chances are the biggest expense you'll face after buying your home is replacing your roof.  And so of course one of the most common questions we get is, "What is this going to cost?"  Regardless of the type of roofing material you choose, roof replacement is a major home expense. And if you've done any kind of checking and comparison shopping, you may already know that a metal roof will cost you more than an asphalt shingle roof.  But before you make a decision based on that factor alone, we'd like to share some basic information with you.
  • What you will pay for a metal roof - or any kind of roof for that matter - depends partly on the physical layout of your roof as well as the square footage involved.   So it's not an easy question to answer.  We prefer to come out and take a look at your existing roof (which we can also do virtually) and evaluate whether your existing roof needs to be removed first.  We will also get your thoughts on the type, style, and color of metal roofing you're considering.  Those things all factor into the final cost as well.
Keep in mind that a typical asphalt roof will begin to fail at around 12-15 years, while a metal roof will be going strong for 40 years or more.  (Some homeowners in the U.S. have metal roofs that are more than 70 years old and still perform as well as they did when they were installed.)  When you're comparing costs between metal and asphalt that you'll probably have to replace that asphalt roof at least twice in the same time period you can expect a metal roof to last.

Yes, the upfront installation cost of a metal roof is more than a comparable asphalt shingle roof.  But here are some financial considerations to factor in:

Metal roofs are more energy-efficient than asphalt roofs, so you should realize heating and cooling savings
  • Many homeowners' insurance companies offer discounts for metal roofs since they are fire-resistant
  • Metal roofs need far less in terms of maintenance and repairs than asphalt roofing, so there will be savings there as well
  • Because metal roofing is so lightweight that it can often be installed over your old roof, you may be able to avoid the expense of a roof tear-off
The best way to find out what it will cost to put a metal roof on your home here in Minnesota is to request a quote from us.  You can do that by simply clicking here and someone will get back to you.  Or you can call or text our Spring Lake Park office at 763-785-1472.  We are a licensed Minnesota roofing company specializing in metal roofs.