The siding on this home? Seamless steel – even the shakes!

Does your home need new siding? As you're evaluating your siding options, one thing you should ask before you make a decision is what the expected lifespan is.   When we're meeting with prospective customers of course we recommend our seamless steel siding as our first choice.  But the logical question is, "How long does steel siding last?"

Industry experts say that with proper care, you can expect a life of somewhere around 50 years, which should be good news to the owners of the Minneapolis home where Quarve Contracting did their first steel siding install nearly 40 years ago.

What Is the Lifespan of Common Siding Materials?

Wood siding does last a long time, but it comes with a need for frequent maintenance and regular repainting or re-staining.  Because of that, we find that most homeowners we talk to are looking for alternatives.  From longest-lasting, low-maintenance siding materials to the most short-lived, here is what you can expect in terms of how long a siding will last.
  • Vinyl:  High quality vinyl siding can last between 50-60 years.  Though economical, it is not as durable as some other siding materials.  We do offer vinyl siding installation - the Quest Mastic siding from PlyGem stands up well to our weather, and it is extremely fade-resistant, but it is not as durable as our seamless steel siding.
  • Steel siding: Our seamless steel siding is on a par with vinyl, and you can expect a life of at least 50 years, perhaps more.   Incredibly durable and not likely to fade, it's fire resistant, and it's our first choice in siding for Minnesota homes.
  • Fiber cement:  Fiber cement siding like James Hardie is warrantied for 30 years, though some homeowners report a lifespan of up to 50 years.   (We do offer installation of this material for those who want something other than metal siding.)
  • Aluminum:  Once the most popular siding material between the 1940s - 1970s because of its low cost and minimal maintenance needs, it has a short life, and fading can start as early as 10 years.  It usually needs to be  replaced after about 20 years.  We don't recommend it for homes in our area; aluminum is a soft metal and can be easily damaged by impact such as hail.

What Maintenance Does Steel Siding Require?

One thing people love about our seamless steel siding is its relatively low need for maintenance.  Generally an occasional washing is all you'll need to do to keep it looking great and protecting your home for a very long time.  The only other thing we recommend is that if your siding gets damaged (which is rare), you'll want to touch up any scratches as soon as possible.  Otherwise you can just sit back and enjoy the look of your beautiful home for decades!

We'd love to talk with you more about the benefits of seamless steel siding.  But we can also discuss other siding options as well.  Why not give us a call today for a free no-obligation consultation?

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