Sno Gems, also known as snow guards, are devices that are installed on metal roofs to help prevent snow and ice from sliding off in large sheets or avalanches, which can pose safety hazards and cause damage to property and structures below. The benefits of adding Sno Gems to a metal roof include:

Safety: One of the main benefits of installing Sno Gems is safety. Metal roofs are known for their smooth surface, which can cause snow and ice to accumulate and slide off suddenly in large volumes, posing a risk to people, animals, and property below. Sno Gems help break up the snow and ice into smaller pieces, reducing the risk of sudden sliding or avalanches, and making it safer for people to walk or work around the building during winter months.

Prevents Damage: Snow and ice sliding off a metal roof can cause damage to gutters, downspouts, landscaping, and other structures or objects below. Sno Gems help to distribute the weight of snow and ice evenly across the roof, reducing the impact and preventing damage to the building and surrounding property.

Protects Roofing System: Snow and ice sliding off a metal roof can also cause damage to the roofing system itself, including bending or denting of roof panels, dislodging of fasteners, and premature wear and tear. Sno Gems can help protect the roofing system by preventing the sudden release of accumulated snow and ice, reducing the potential for damage and extending the lifespan of the roof.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Sno Gems are available in various styles and colors, allowing them to be aesthetically pleasing and complement the overall appearance of the metal roof. They can be installed in a way that blends seamlessly with the roof design, enhancing the visual appeal of the building while providing functional snow retention.

Cost-effective: Installing Sno Gems on a metal roof can be a cost-effective solution to prevent snow and ice damage. The cost of installing Sno Gems is generally lower than the potential costs of repairing or replacing damaged gutters, downspouts, roofing panels, or other property that may be damaged by snow and ice sliding off the roof.

In summary, adding Sno Gems to a metal roof can provide several benefits, including improved safety, prevention of damage to property and roofing system, enhanced aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. However, it's important to consult with a qualified professional to determine the appropriate type, placement, and installation method of Sno Gems for your specific metal roofing system.

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