If you live in the Minneapolis area or surrounding northern Twin Cities suburbs such as Coon Rapids, Minnetrista, Fridley, and Delano, you may want to consider replacing your old, damaged asphalt roof with steel.  As a Minnesota resident, you know that this recent batch of May severe storms won't be the last.  And that asphalt roof that needs replacement now may again be damaged by the next hailstorm or heavy, wind-driven rains.  Asphalt roofs are sturdy and traditionally stylish, but they may not be the best protection against storm damage in the St. Paul/Minneapolis are. 

Your homeowner's insurance policy is there to protect you from financial loss resulting from storm damage.  But it can't protect you from the impact on your life of recovering from that damage.  Even though your roof will be repaired and the physical integrity of your home will be restored, you'll still be affected by the impact on your life from the repair project.  Depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to temporarily move out of your home.  While your insurance will cover most of the associated costs, it can't begin to compensate you for the interruption in your normal routine.  And even minor repairs can cause inconveniences.

No other roofing material stands up as well to severe storms which affect the Midwest like metal roofs, especially steel.  They are exceptionally resistant to wind damage as well as hail impact.  Their durable finish resists denting and chipping, and even though overall metal roofs are lighter than asphalt, they are much stronger.  Steel roofing won't budge in the face of high winds that can rip asphalt shingles off.  And steel roofs provide an added line of strong defense against damage from falling trees - much better than asphalt, tile, or wood shakes.

Even if your existing roof is asphalt, your insurance company can't require you to replace it with the same materials.  Their job is to compensate you financially for your loss; what you choose to do with that compensation is up to you.  And they can't dictate which contractor to use.  The Minneapolis Metal Steel Roofing pros at Quarve Contracting, Inc. have over 27 years of experience working with St. Paul/Minneapolis area homeowners and their insurance adjusters to help Twin Cities residents recover from storm damage.  If your home has been affected by the recent storms, contact Quarve today for a free estimate.  And let them show you how a steel roof might be a great choice for you.