As we deal with homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, we're finding that quite a few of them are concerned with making their homes more energy efficient. Since we are a Minnesota home remodeling company that specializes in green remodeling, we have a number of products that can help with that.

On this particular one and a half-story home, their main concern was the roofing.  The owner was finishing the attic area for bedrooms, and that meant adding things that would make it a comfortable space.  But he wanted it to be energy efficient as well.

And since ice dam formation is common here in the Twin Cities in the winter, preventing that from happening was also on the list.

Lastly, the owner is close to retirement and wanted us to install maintenance-free products that wouldn't require upkeep.  The12-year-old asphalt roof clearly needed replacement, and he wanted something that would last longer than asphalt.

We suggested metal roofing and metal siding for the gables that would address all his concerns.

What This Exterior Remodeling Project Involved

Often our roof replacements involve more than roofing, and that was the case with this remodeling as well.  The project consisted of:
  • Installation of fascia venting behind the gutters as well as ridge venting.  Proper air circulation under roofing is extremely important in preventing ice dams. Yes, the type of roofing matters, but adequate ventilation is critical.  
  • KasselWood metal roofing means this home is protected for decades.  When installed properly, metal roofing resists the formation of ice dams, and it's also incredibly energy efficient.  The light color the owner chose reflects heat back so the upstairs will stay cooler in the summer.
  • We also installed Emco steel shake siding in Canyon Red on the front and back gables.  The color complements the brick around the front door as well as the chimney. Because this steel shake product resists fading even in direct sunlight, it will hold its beauty for many years.  For this home, metal siding was definitely a better choice than vinyl, which would have warped and faded from the direct sun.
If it's time for exterior remodeling like new roofing or siding on your home, perhaps metal is the answer for your home, like it was for this one.  The owner's concerns are common to many homeowners we talk with, and our first recommendation is usually durable, long-lasting, and maintenance free metal roofing and siding. We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement company, and we install metal roofing and siding in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area as well other communities in the surrounding area.