About this time of year many homeowners around the Minneapolis area are starting to think about home remodeling or home improvement projects for spring.  Of course, if you've been out and about at any of the Twin Cities area home shows recently, you might have caught the bug and gotten some inspiration.  Perhaps you're thinking about replacing your old windows for new energy-efficient ones.

Choosing new windows is a process that can take some time, evaluating different windows and making decisions about what will look good in your home, fit your budget, and deliver what you're looking for in windows.  Often there is more than one type of window or style that will need those needs. Make sure to check out the many options before going with just one of them. 

As you're 'window shopping,' there are some current trends in replacement windows you may want to consider.  One of those trends is changing the look of your home (inside and out) with a different style window than you currently have.  That's something that an easily be done - you're not stuck with what you have now. You can opt for a new style.  

Comparing Popular Window Styles

Casement:  Casement windows are one of the most energy-efficient options on the market, which makes them a great choice for those wanting to cut their utility bills and make their homes more energy efficient. You want something that is going to keep the heat and cool air inside, then a casement window is what you want.

Double Hung: It's the traditional standard in windows, the style most people picture when you say the word 'window' - the number one choice to go with for a classic look that you feel comfortable going with are double hung windows. They’re the windows that everyone knows and feels comfortable putting in their home.

Gliding or Slider Windows: These windows are often chosen because of the ease of cleaning that they provide. You can clean the inside and outside of the window easily and effectively. Not only that, but they let in a good amount of fresh air and sunlight, which is what everyone wants.  They are also becoming extremely possible for 'age in place' remodeling since they are so simple to operate - no lifting, no cranking.  (If you're not familiar with 'age in place,' it is remodeling or home design done specifically with the goal to allow people to remain in the homes they love even as the get older and physically less capable.  It includes such designs as wide doorways to permit walkers and wheelchairs, lower counters, and components that don't require a lot of strength or dexterity.

Picture: Picture windows provide the room with more light than other styles, because they give a large area of glass that isn't broken up by sashes or dividers.  But picture windows have several drawbacks - they can't be opened, and you can't clean the exterior from inside your home, unlike most other window styles.  But a variation on this is very popular currently - adding other windows around the main picture area, with awning or casement windows to provide ventilation, and even half-rounds above for even more light plus design flair.  

Awning: This is one style whose potential has largely been overlooked.  Awning windows have mainly been confined to half-level basement spaces and garages, but they work well in main living areas as well.  They are perfect in spots where it might be difficult to lift or slide a window sash, and because of that they're great for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is an issue. They can be installed higher up on a wall. They also give a home a very modern look. Because they aren't used as much as other styles, by incorporating them you an have a distinctive appearance, such as the home shown here, where awning windows were installed in a row.  (Photo courtesy of Ply Gem, one of our favorite window manufacturers.)

If you’re ready to have those new replacement windows installed, make sure to give our professionals here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota a call. We can provide you with many window options to choose from that make your home stand out.