You probably know us for metal roofing and siding, but did you know we also install energy-efficient replacement windows in homes and businesses here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area?

At Quarve we understand just how important good quality windows are for a home. Not only do they help keep a home energy efficient, but they control the overall look of a house and the feel of it as well.

photo courtesy of Ply Gem

Popular window styles change over time, and what people are looking for is going to adjust and transform a little bit each and every year. One thing we have noticed is that many homeowners are replacing their old windows with a different style - for example, swapping out a double-hung for a casement window.  You don't have to stick with the old style you had. There are often several options for the window opening size you have.

Below are some of the most common trends for windows in 2018. If any of them are important to you, we can help you get just the right window for your remodeling needs.

Highly Efficient Windows

People are becoming more and more interested in energy efficiency. They don’t want to waste power, and often that means replacing your old windows with something more energy efficient. At Quarve we get why energy efficient windows make sense, and we can help you choose top quality Energy Star rated windows that will keep out the winter chill and the summer heat effectively.

Enhanced Daylight

This goes along with energy efficiency a bit, but more people are getting interested in relying on sunlight as much as possible to illuminate their homes during the day. This means adding an increasingly large number of windows throughout the home so that every section of it can have access to sunlight. Certain styles of windows - like bay or bow windows that protrude, or garden windows that give light from multiple directions - can also maximize sunlight indoors.  At Quarve we can help get you the custom windows that you need to fit odd spaces within your home and bring in the sunlight. You’ll have exactly the products that you need to brighten up your space and lower your need to use lights during the day.

Bright Window Treatments

Another very common trend these days is to go with vibrantly colored window treatments instead of the more neutral tones. They help to brighten up a space and breathe life into a room. These treatments aren’t something that we can help you with, but our windows accept most blinds, drapes and curtains readily. We can even help you obtain pre-finished windows with the right color trim to match your next design scheme.

Contemporary Window Design

Making a home more up-to-date and modern looking seems to be a major remodeling trend, and window manufacturers have caught on. Many of them have windows that are more contemporary in appearance. Of course, some homes just cry out for traditional styles, but the modern look works well in many homes.

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Window trends are constantly evolving, but to make the most of your home and everything that’s in it you need to keep up with the times and go with the products that make the most sense to you. At Quarve we can help you get just the windows for your needs so you can make the most of your space, we are a window replacement company in Minneapolis.