As a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, we have yet to meet with a homeowner who doesn't have a list of things they would like to do to their home. Remodeling or improving a house can take many forms. Perhaps you just want to change the paint color of your living room. Or maybe your siding is in bad shape and in need of replacement. But whatever is on your list, what should come first is a home improvement project that will increase the energy efficiency of your house.

Why is a home's energy efficiency so important? 

First of all, it hits in you in the wallet each month when you pay your utility bills. If your home has elements that allow air loss or heating/cooling gain, you're wasting energy and spending more than you need to.

Second, energy efficiency is a major selling point with today's home buyers.  There are a lot of houses on the market, and those who get the most attention are the ones with such features as energy-efficient windows or upgraded appliances that save on water and energy.

Third, it's the responsible thing to do if you're even the least bit concerned about Minnesota's environment and conserving our natural resources.  Saving energy right where you live is just one of the ways you can go greener in your lifestyle. 'Green' homes are also very attractive to buyers.

Our company specializes in multiple energy-saving solutions for the exterior of homes here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro. (We also serve outlying communities a well as western Wisconsin, but the majority of our projects are right in the Twin Cities.)

For the utmost in energy efficiency, we recommend starting with the exterior of your home, where most of the heating and cooling loss occurs.  The two major elements that protect your home are the roofing and siding. And then there are the two major heat or cooling loss elements - window and door openings.

We have energy-efficient metal roofing and siding as well as energy-saving windows and exterior doors that, once installed, can make a major impact on the energy use in your home. But at the same time they will also increase its value as well as its curb appeal, so you're getting even more benefit for the money you invest

To find out more about what we can do to help you make your Minnesota home more energy efficient, contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation in your home.  Whether you'd like to take the first step with new windows or you're ready to do a major overhaul of the outside of your home, we have many options for you.