Replacement windows are one of the best investments that you can make for your home. You've probably noticed this kind of home improvement going on in your neighborhood, because homeowners all across the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area who have older homes eventually do this.

They improve your house’s curb appeal, its energy efficiency, and more.  Replacement windows can even make your home function better, but only if you purchase the right windows. Some windows make a big difference, and others can actually hurt the value and energy effectiveness of your home.

Here are the most common mistakes people make when replacing their windows. to avoid when getting upgraded windows for your home.

Looking at Cost Alone:  Shopping for the cheapest windows that you can find is almost always a mistake.

We’re not saying to go out and buy the most expensive windows that you can find, but you need to pay attention to the quality of a window, the features offered, the warranty it comes with, and its overall reputation before making a purchase. If you go for the cheapest windows you can find you will end up with a lower quality product that is likely to fail sooner.

Trying to Keep the Same Type as Your Original Windows: While it’s nice to try and preserve the character of your home, keeping the same exact material window often isn’t the best way to go. If your home started with wood windows, it still makes sense to look at vinyl, fiberglass and other types of windows when going to make a replacement decision.

The same is true of window style. Most older homes have the common double-hung windows. But there are styles such as casements and sliders that are more energy efficient.  Keep your options open and go with a window style and frame material that will work best for your home, budget, and priorities.

Hiring the Cheapest Installers:  Going with the least costly bid on installation of your replacement windows will help you save money up front, but they aren’t likely to do the best quality work. Not only will you end up with windows that aren’t installed as well, but you probably won’t get a warranty on the work that they do either. It’s best to pay for quality installers with a proven reputation for doing good quality work. Not Looking at the Full Picture for Installers:  Some installers will come across as cheaper at first, but that’s only because they aren’t offering all the services that the quality window installation contractor would. You might save money on your windows, but you could end up not getting finished windows with all the trim installed.Or perhaps they offer no guarantee on their work.

Make sure you pay attention to exactly what you are getting from an installation company so you know when you’re getting a good deal and when you’re missing out on important services.

As long as you are careful to avoid these common mistakes, you should be able to get top quality replacement windows installed at a reasonable cost to you. Really think about your decisions when it comes to replacement windows and you’ll be much happier with the results overall.

Here at Quarve Contracting, we can provide you with an idea of what you need for your home and the options that we have available in replacement windows.  We install quality energy-efficient windows in the greater Twin Cities area.