This winter weather has many homeowners in the Minneapolis questioning whether it's time to replace their windows. That's a good thing to engage; window openings are the biggest source of heat loss in a home. If you are thinking about new windows, among your choices will be frame material.

There are a number of different options, so it's important to evaluate the common ones so you can make an informed decision. This means choosing one that works for you and benefits you in the long run.

Choosing higher quality replacement windows and frames can mean they are more expensive, but it also means that you'll be getting windows that are well made and worth the expense. Choosing wisely means you can make sure you put something beautiful AND energy efficient in your home.

Common Window Frame Materials

Wood: Wooden frames have a matchless, traditional beauty. They can provide a home with a classic look. However, they do mean that the homeowner has more upkeep and maintenance that has to be done on them. Wood doesn't stand up well to moisture and temperature extremes, and it needs to be finished and repainted from time to time. Wood window frames in direct sunlight may fade easily. But wood is a good insulator, so it makes them a wise energy-efficient choice as far as the frame material goes.

Fiberglass: Strong and durable, fiberglass is becoming one of the most popular window frame materials. It's great for Minnesota homes because it holds up well to our weather. Not only that, but it is virtually maintenance free, so you just have to wipe the frame down. Fiberglass window frames are less likely to constrict and expand with the changes in the weather. You can choose an exterior color that matches the look and feel of the home. And many fiberglass window lines come with genuine wood interiors, so you can have a natural look indoors.

Vinyl: Compared to other choices, vinyl window frames are relatively inexpensive, and they can provide the homeowner with a way to replace old energy-wasting without the big price tag that follows. You can also lower your energy costs with this type of frame when you choose an EnergyStar rated model. They are the most commonly used, as well and easy to wipe down and keep clean.

If you’re considering having your windows replaced, we'd love to help you choose the right frames for your budget, your home, and your tastes. Give us a call and we can come out and give yo a free in-home estimate. We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor, and energy efficient exterior home remodeling solutions are our specialty.