During the dead of winter here in the Twin Cities, it's tempting to put off certain home repairs until the weather warms up. But if the issue is a damaged window, we suggest you don't wait.

A broken window is something that needs to be handled sooner rather than later, especially with the temperatures we've been experiencing. A damaged window means that cold air is leaking in and warm air is leaking out. Your utility bills are probably higher than normal due to the incredible cold stretch we've been having, but why make it worse?

Step One: Assess the Damage to the Window

Is the window just cracked, or was it a major break that resulted in glass falling out? If that's the case, cleanup comes first so glass shards don't cause injury to anyone. While cleaning up any mess that is made, you want to assess the damage that was done. Then consider what you can do to temporarily take care of the problem. You may be able to able to patch up small cracks until you can replace the glass.

Also note if it is just broken glass or if the frame of the window is also damaged. If it is, window replacement will most likely be required.

Seal Up the Window

Regardless of what is broken, it is important that the window is sealed to prevent as much air loss as possible. Cover any openings that might be in the window or frame, even if you've got a replacement window company coming out to fix it. Every moment air leakage continues, the cost of your utility bill is increasing, plus your home is uncomfortable.

Contact a Replacement Window Professional

It is important that you contact a licensed replacement window professional right away if you have a broken window. We'll determine whether repair or a replacement is necessary, and we offer quality installation of energy-efficient windows in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.