Now that the warmer weather has finally hit the Twin Cities, we see homeowners out in their yards working on spring clean-up and fix-up.  When it comes to spring cleaning, you’re probably ready for a cleaner, brighter outlook on everything that comes with your home. One of the most important areas that should get your attention is your windows.  It's time to repair those windows that seem like they might be less than perfect. Or if your windows have seen better days, spring time is a time for out with the old, in with the new! New energy-efficient replacement windows, that is!

photo courtesy of Ply Gem Windows

Check Window Seals

Window seals are crucial to their energy efficiency.  You don't want air or moisture leaking in or out.  Older windows might need help through weatherstripping or caulk in the areas of the windows that might be questionable. However, if there are breaks or cracks in these areas that are beyond repair, then replacing the window, especially if the glass is broken, is recommended.

By closing these leaks areas, you’re saving yourself much more money on your energy bills. And your home will be more comfortable because you're cutting down on drafts.

Check the Outside of Your Windows for Damage

Since a harsh winter has blown through the area, it is important that you check out the exterior window frames. Subzero temps, high winds, and snow or ice can cause damage to certain types of window frames, especially wood ones.  If your window frames are cracked or warped, we highly suggest getting them replaced.

Test the Window Hardware

Check out each window. Test to make sure that they open easily, that they stay open and that you can close and lock them without effort.  Windows that are difficult to operate can be frustrating. And if they don't lock securely, this could be a home security issue or a safety problem if you've got pets or small children.  Repair the hardware if possible, but if they are beyond repair, then this is definitely a reason to consider replacing the entire window. 

If you are concerned about how well your windows are functioning, you may need to either repair or replace the windows this spring.  As a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor specializing in energy-efficient products, we can evaluate your windows and make suggestions for repair or replacement.  Our favorite windows are no-maintenance vinyl windows from Ply Gem. We love them so much we have them in our own home! 

To find out more, contact us for a free consultation. We install energy-efficient replacement windows in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area.