This time of year we find a lot of homeowners in the Twin Cities are thinking about exterior home improvements, especially replacement windows. It's starting to get warm, and thoughts of high utility bills from running the AC have got some people sweating before the heat even hits.  But are those windows are really worth the investment you’re going to make for them?

Closeup of black PlyGem double hung windows photo courtesy of PlyGem

You have to have replacement windows though and the only way is to choose high-end ones that are going to perform how you need them too. New year means new home improvements that need to be made. Are you ready to tackle that replacement window job that you have been waiting to do?

Replacement Windows Offer a Great ROI

The return on investment (ROI) that comes from energy-efficient replacement windows is great. Not only do you recoup most of your money back when the time comes to sell your home, but you are also able to realize a financial benefit because of reduced heating and cooling costs.

When choosing replacement windows, choose the ones that are going to perform the best in your home. Going with a more affordable option without looking at the specifics of what those windows deliver may end up costing you. A more expensive window may cost you more up front but might give you a greater return for your money.

Just make sure to skip these mistakes when choosing replacement windows for your home.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Your home will be more comfortable when you have windows that are actually doing the job they are supposed to do. This also saves you money because you will be decreasing the amount you spend on your energy bills. You want to go with windows that have a great energy efficiency rating, as well as being Energy Star certified.

Newer Windows Are Better for the Environment

If you love the earth, then you will love being able to do your part with the fantastic replacement windows we install. You can place new windows throughout your home and reduce your carbon footprint.  New windows mean less energy usage. Some models of energy-efficient windows are able to offset up to 6,205 pounds of CO2.

Lower Maintenance, Better Look

Newer windows usually mean lower maintenance needs and a better for your home look overall.  This is especially true if you have older wood windows. Wood window frames tend to really deteriorate in our climate, and they need frequent upkeep - repainting or staining, caulking, etc.  Plus they tend to warp from the repeated warming and cooling of our weather.

You can have energy efficiency, comfort, lower utility and home maintenance bills, better protection and more with new windows in your home. In short, replacement windows are well worth the investment you’re making in them. Give us a call here when the time comes to replace those windows throughout your home to get all of these benefits and so many more.

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